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Who We Are
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What We Do
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Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
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Catfish Entertainment: We Turn Ideas Into Experiences

Who We Are

Active Listening:
From the get-go, we're listening for what you want to accomplish with your event, who your event services, and what you want them to get out of the event, so that everyone involved has a truly memorable experience.

We're creating an experience with you; it should be fun doing so. When the process is enjoyable, you can be sure your attendees will enjoy what we create.

Stunning Customer Service:
We want you to be completely thrilled by the experience we create and will not settle for anything less.

Our team becomes your team when we work together. And what we bring to your team is balance, high-energy, positivity and invigoration.

Big Picture & Detail:
We see the forest for the trees, and the trees for the forest. In everything we do, we're not only paying attention to the details, but how those details affect the big picture.

We never do the same thing twice...other than save you money. Each great experience is customized and personalized to your desires, and by focusing on your desires; we consistently innovate and exceed expectations.

Communication is the most important entity in any relationship. We ensure your complete satisfaction by communicating in a way that's comfortable for you.

We're a boutique firm by design. We provide each client with our full attention to ensure that each event is truly it's own customized experience.

We're able to create unique and memorable experiences through our commitment to extensive research. We couple great negotiation skills with our deep database of event vendors and services to be an effective advocate for our clients.

Consistent Improvement:
We're confident that we can deliver the results you need the first time you work with us, but we can promise to do even better if you want to work with us again.

Catfish Entertainment help me?

What We Do

Corporate Function

You've got a group of important people who need to gather. You need the right setting, the right feel, the right program and the right external guests and entertainment. We've got the experience to make that happen.


You've got the cause; you've got the potential donors and you need someone to put it all together. We'll even get on the phone for you... really.

Internal Conference

It's time for your company to come together and understand what each other are doing, learn something, and have a little fun in the process.

Outdoor Public Event

We've got a permit guy and all of the resources needed to make any outdoor public event an unbelievable experience.

User Group

You've got a group of customers that you'd like to bring together in an informative and entertaining atmosphere.

Label Showcase

You've got the talent, the A&R skills, the marketing and the management down. You just need to showcase all of that... and you have no time...

We've been producing entertainment, corporate and private events for over 15 years.

Our Portfolio

We've produced shows at the old and closed CBGBs. We've produced events at the Highline Ballroom. We've produced events at The Ritz Carlton in Pasadena, California and we've produced events at the Nassau Coliseum. We've produced events all over the United States, in Canada and Europe. Shoot, we've even brought the Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey circus to town.

What They Think

"I've had the pleasure of working with Catfish Entertainment on a number of events and each time I have been impressed with the professionalism of the group. As a venue and event specialist I have the opportunity to work with many organizations and rarely do you find a group like Catfish Entertainment that is as detail oriented, organized and meticulous about what they do. I look forward to future opportunities to work with them."

- Jessica Berman, BB King Blues Club/the Highline Ballroom/the Blue Note

"I was incredibly impressed by the caliber of people, the pacing of the day, the quality of the talks, the format and the fact that it felt it was a 'safe' place to exchange ideas and also meet different people relevant to our businesses. I thought it was one of the best events I have attended, with a very high caliber of participants, and very interesting discussion."

-David G. (event attendee)

"Thanks for inviting me to the wonderful event this week. The format was great and I left feeling like I had actually attended something substantial. I hope to participate in future events."

-Jedd K. (event attendee)

"What a great event, you definitely managed to provoke engaged conversation among interesting and diverse set of players."

-Thomas R. (event attendee)

"It was a great experience -- unlike any other event I've been to. Very interactive and enjoyable."

-Tom R. (event attendee)

"Fantastic - I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect for our surroundings. Wonderful."

- Julia C. (event attendee)

"Hands down the best event I have attended on the subject. Huge congratulations to you. Thanks for including me and I had great conversations with everyone I encountered. Nice curating!"

-Laura C. (event attendee)

"I wanted to express my appreciation for participation in the event last week. Great the format you use, which allows for much better overall interaction."

-Steve J. (event attendee)

"Thanks for a great conference. Everyone felt it was one of the very best they had attended. The format makes for a much more productive workflow. Awesome job and appreciated."

-Jon V. (event attendee)

"That was the most amazing and productive event we've attended in a long time."

-Aimee H. (event attendee)

"Thank You. Amazing Event. It was a terrific gathering, and really thought provoking."

-Jack I. (event attendee)

"Thanks for being such good hosts. I was really glad to participate."

-Todd M. (event attendee)

"I had fun, bonded with my team, bonded with other teams including international and just generally had a blast. I left feeling motivated."

- Sam N. (event attendee)

"Thanks for a fantastic couple of days! This really was one of the best events I've attended to date."

-Sara M. (event attendee)

"Wonderful. The carriage ride and the Rebirth Brass Band welcome at Muriels will be a fond memory for me for a long time to come."

- Jennifer B. (event attendee)

"Absolutely AWESOME!!! It was simply amazing."

- Alex N. (event attendee)

"The attention to detail was evident and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated."

- Heather A. (event attendee)

"Well planned with local flair and top notch food and music."

- Chris C. (event attendee)

"The summit was organized on a very high level."

- Irina B. (event attendee)

"I was impressed with the planning, excitement level of everyone there."

- Chris C. (event attendee)

"I was very impressed and very happy to be a part of this amazing event."

-Jason R. (event attendee)

"I was speechless. Blown away."

- Alex N. (event attendee)

"I thought it was terrific."

-Christine K. (event attendee)

"Inviting, thought provoking and fun."

-Monica B. (event attendee)

"Amazing! The venues were wonderful-full of history and true charm."

- Heather A. (event attendee)

"The level of detail put into everything. It was meticulously run."

- Sam N. (event attendee)

"Fantastic opportunity spectacularly well organized that exceeded expectations..."

- Osman B. (event attendee)

"I thought Allan Toussaint was an amazing treat"

- Anonymous (event attendee)

"Outstanding -- loved the ambiance and flavor of New Orleans that each had!"

- Beth N. (event attendee)

"Wonderful venues that fit the New Orleans setting, well-organized..."

- Anonymous (event attendee)

"To be honest, I appreciated every single aspect of this experience and felt so lucky to be a part of it. Thank you!"

- Julia C. (event attendee)

We'd love to discuss an event that you would like for us to produce.

Get In Touch

Whether you have a corporate function, internal conference, user group, fundraiser, outdoor public event, or a label showcase, we can do anything to help; from basic consultation to production for the entire event.

No matter what type of event, we meet you for an initial understanding of the event in question. We then come up with a timeline and associated deliverables. This way, when we begin to work with each other, we know what the goals are and when everything needs to happen to ensure the most successful event possible.

If you've got an internal events team, we can work with them. If it's only you, we can work with that too.

No matter your bottom line, our bottom line is that we can work with you, regardless of your resources.

Get In Touch!

Please feel free to call or email us, but here are some questions others ask...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is my company too big to work with Catfish Entertainment (we have an internal events team)?

A1: We regularly work with Fortune 50 companies and collaborate with their internal events teams.

Q2: Is my company too small to work with Catfish Entertainment?

A2: We regularly work on events for companies that have limited human and monetary resources.

Q3: What kind of budget do I need to work with Catfish Entertainment and how will that budget be managed?

A3: We can work with all sizes and types of budgets.

Q4: What value can Catfish Entertainment bring to my event?

A4: From basic consultancy to complete and total event production and execution, we can bring value to your event at any level... even if that means selling sponsorship or fundraising for your organization.

Q5: I know I want to have an event, but I don't know it's theme- can you help?

A5: Our aim is to not only understand who you'd like to attend, but how your event will then service those attendees.

Q6: What's the timeline for working with Catfish Entertainment?

A6: Like any organization, we would love as much time as possible, and traditionally six months is the sweet spot.

But if you want to do something as early as next week, we can pull it off.

We're always looking for dynamic, tenacious, hard-working, fun people. Sound like you?


More about you...

You're dynamic: There's at least a little bit of depth to your personality. You like to have a couple of projects going at once. People generally are insterested in spending time with you.

You're tenacious: You don't give up. Ever.

You're hard working: You like to work. You take your work seriously. You take pride in your work. It's not so much about what time you get in or what time you leave, it's about putting out great work.

You're fun: You don't suck.

Well then, if this sounds like you, we should probably set up some time to meet.

Get In Touch!

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